Poptropica Presents… The Silent Treatment

You can say that again… no one’s posted here for a while.

Anyway, Back Lot Island has recently been announced – and we’ve got a new item with it.

The Silent Treatment! Turn your Poptropica playthrough into a silent film – black and white screen and film grain included.

Can’t wait until BL Island is released 🙂


It’s all costumizable!

“What’s the best part about going to the mall? Seeing all the great stuff for sale. What’s the worst part about going to the mall? Not being able to buy it all!

We think that’s just as lame as you do. That’s why, on Night Watch Island, there’s a lot of free stuff available for you. You can costumize most anything you see in a clothing store. There are kiosks that you can use without limit to give yourself new hats, souvenirs, and even smells. You can even get a tan!”

Too true, Creators. That’s a really cool idea!

Well, it was…

Black Widow: Play Night Watch Island today with Membership, and you might find that your local mall just isn’t as exciting anymore!

Me: -_-