Moondust (AKA the adventures of Silver Sky)

Hey guys! Magic Star here! Well, Brave Eye told me to post a story on her blog. So I did! It’s called Moondust. I won’t give away too much at the moment, but it’s about a girl called Silver Sky who accidently appears in a game show in parallel universe. Sorry if the chapter isn’t very exciting. There’s plenty of time for excitement during the series!!!

Chapter One: A trip to the subway


Silver Sky heard the taxi door slam as the driver clambered out, muttering angrily to himself. Four doors down from her, her elderly neighbour, Mrs Fire, nearly dropped her watering can. Shivering, she retreated back into her house.

Silver Sky rolled her eyes as she withdrew from the window. Some people should have better manners than to slam the taxi door, she thought. The taxi appeared to be broken down. Silver watched the driver walked around it, apparently bemused. After a few moments, he stomped off down the street, taking out his phone, waving it around to get a connection.

Bad move, mate, Silver thought, smiling a little. Sure enough, after the driver had rounded a corner, six teenagers, perhaps one or two years older than her, approached the taxi and began to tag its yellow surface. In a matter of minutes, it was covered with graffiti. Grinning to themselves, the teenagers rushed off to find something else to vandalise.

No one was home in her house, so she decided to go for a walk. As usual, she found her feet taking her to the Subway. She didn’t know why she liked the dirty old place. Perhaps it was because no one went there. The council had closed it down ages ago, but it was a quiet place to hang out if you were a young poptropican like Silver.

Silver’s mother was always telling her not to go down to the Subway. Mrs Sky was a fussy woman; she liked everything to be perfect and was a total neat-freak. When Silver’s little brother, Red Sky, had scattered sand in the house after playing in the sandpit, Mrs Sky had spent the whole morning cleaning and polishing the floorboards. Then she’d dumped the sandpit.

There was no one else in the station. A lone train, abandoned on the worn out tracks, loomed ahead of Silver. She pushed open the doors and climbed in.

“To think…” she said aloud, “this train was once full of people.”

It even shows signs of people. Half-finished hot dogs, soft drinks lying abandoned on the floor… or maybe the teenagers who came into the train at night left them there.

Yep, Silver’s island was like this.

Silver sat down on a chair and lay her head back. Slowly, very slowly, she began to fall asleep…

…Suddenly a million things seemed to fill her head… poptropicans whispering… bells ringing… a clock ticking… eerie singing…

And quite suddenly she woke up. But she wasn’t on the train any more.

A woman in a purple sparkly dress loomed over her, “Yes… that’s the one.”

Silver blinked, “Wha…”

“You’ll do just fine. Welcome to the Moondust Studios, honey!”

Chapter Two: Preperation


Silver Sky is taking a walk around town when she is portalled to the Moondust Studios and is confronted by a tall poptropican in a purple dress.

Note: OK, OK, Moondust seems set up to be like the Hunger Games. But I assure you it’s not! There will be no fighting to the death or survival skills. There will be some similarities, but I’m working to make it as original as I can without ruining the story plot. Also, I noticed Lucky Spinner looks a lot like Silver Sky. She is NOT related to Silver in ANY way.

Silver felt herself being pulled down a long corridor by a tall poptropican woman in a purple dress.

“You look just like her,” the woman was saying, “I don’t think they’ll be able to tell the difference.”

“Wha- where am I?” Silver cried, “what do you mean I look just like her? Who’s her? And where are we going-“

The woman dragged her into a golden elevator. The doors shut with a soft hissing noise. Silver took to opportunity to straighten up.

“Her is Perfect Glove. People from your world always have trouble coming through.”

“People from my world?” Silver asked, “just answer me! WHERE IN POPTROPICA AM I?”

“Shhhh!” the woman cried, “Look, this may be hard for you. But just calm down. You’re not in Poptropica anymore.”

“What?” Silver was stunned into silence as the elevator continued to soar upwards.

“Glad we got that one sorted,” the woman sighed and straightened a silver watch on her left arm, “I am Lucky Spinner. Hostess for Moondust..”

“Huh? What’s Moondust?” asked Silver, “what’s happeneing? Please can you just tell me what’s going on!”

Lucky shook her black curls, exasperated, “Silver Sky, you’re in Tropica!”

“Tropica?” Silver turned to face the woman, “where’s that?”

Lucky rolled her eyes and took a small pen and a glittery notepad from the pocket of her dress. She turned to a new page and drew a large dot in the middle.

“Say we’re here, in this universe: Tropica” she began, pointing at the dot. She then drew eleven smaller dots around it, “and say these,” she said, tapping the smaller dots with her pen, “are the small universes.”

“Universes?” the truth was slowly dawning on Silver, “so I’m in Tropica, which is a universe running parallel to Poptropica. And I’m guessing Poptropica is one of the smaller universes?”

“Yes,” said Lucky, beaming a wonderful smile and showing a row of perfect white teeth, “so anyway, every year, here in Tropica, we hold a game show, Moondust. Us wonderful workers in the Studios randomly select someone from each universe to play in the game!”

“So I was selected?” Silver asked, as the elevator began to slow.

The smile was wiped from Lucky’s face, “Um… no. Thing is, our technology always malfunctions when we teleport players from Poptropica. Our original player, Popular Glove, couldn’t get through properly, so we needed a look-alike so that the audience wouldn’t notice anything was wrong.”

“Oh,” Silver bit her lip, “and what happens in Moondust?”

But at that moment, the doors slid open and Silver was greeted with the view of a long, white corridor. Lucky put a hand on Silver’s shoulder, her manicured fingernails digging slightly into Silver’s jumper.

“Now, honey, wait here until your stylist comes out,” Lucky gushed, “they’re serving a particularly nice coffee in the café and I-“

“No!” Silver said suddenly, surprising herself, “I mean, wait!”

But it was too late. Lucky was already stepping into the elevator. Silver watched helplessly as the golden doors closed and Lucky sped away from her with nothing but a soft ping!


Silver was left standing in that corridor for quite some time until someone came out to meet her. A short-ish woman with white hair twisting up into a bun emerged from one of the doors lining the corridor.

“Perfect Glove?” she asked, as if there was a whole crowd of schoolchildren around instead of just Silver.

“Um, my name is Silver Sky. Perfect Glove’s replacement,” Silver said quickly, “nice to meet you…”

“Dizzy,” said the woman, “now love, let’s get you prepared, huh?”

The next hour was horrible.

Silver’s tangled brown hair was brushed, trimmed, styled, washed, and blow-dried. The dress Dizzy picked for her was uncomfortable and tight, with an itchy tag at the back. But worst of all, the bossy stylist seemed to find a way to keep up a mostly one-way conversation on fashion for the entire time.

Fashion, Silver had to say, wasn’t her strong point. She had never really cared much about how she looked, and her wardrobe was full of jeans, t-shirts, jumpers, and the occasional patterned belt.

“Your hair is amazing, love,” Dizzy said as she finished applying mascara on Silver, “but nothing beats white bleach. That’s fashion tip number one.”

Silver put up with the gossip and fashion tips, but only just. The high heels were the last straw.

“I am not wearing high heesls,” Silver said, glaring at Dizzy as she backed away.

Dizzy sighed, “Fine, love. Wear these sandals instead.”

Silver put them on without complaint and grumpily followed Dizzy out of the studio and into the golden elevator.

She was going to be in Moondust whether she liked it or not.

Chapter Three: the Selection

A/N: Sorry for the non-existence of pictures during this chapter. The next chapter will have pictures, I promise!. Unfortunately, due to the color of the pages when viewed from a computer the text goes weird (when viewing from an iPhone and iPod touch the background is white and the text is also white). I may have to delete this page and re-post the story. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Silver Sky has been portalled from her town in Poptropica to an alternate universe called Tropica, where she will compete in the TV show Moondust. Silver has had a makeover done and knows a little about Moondust, but there’s still some preparation to go!


Silver was led down a corridor by some security guard in a white outfit. She was pushed into a small room with a desk, a bamboo screen, and a large vanity. Lucky Spinner was applying her makeup – so far, she’d only managed to resemble an owl dressed in purple.

“Hi,” mumbled Silver, partly to get Lucky to notice that she existed.

Lucky spun around, “Oh, don’t you look darling? The audience will love you!” she gave a high-pitched squeal as she spun around.

Silver disguised a laugh as a violent coughing fit.

Lucky put a hand on Silver’s shoulder, perfectly manicured fingernails digging uncomfortably into her skin. Silver resisted the urge to pull away as Lucky led her to a door next to the vanity.

“Now, Silver, we’re going to do the Selection now. You wait here until we’re ready to use the Wheel of Colours. It’ll be perfectly clear when you have to go on,” Lucky promised, at lightning speed, “now I have to check on the other contestants.”

“But Luck-“ Lucky was off before Silver had a chance to speak.


She picked at the sequins on her dress.

What would it take to-

“Oops! Sorry!” the door opened suddenly to reveal a blonde girl of about Silver’s age. Her hair had been curled and flowed down her back like an unusual waterfall. Her dress was a vivid pink color, and she was wearing way too much makeup.

“It’s OK,” said Silver, “who’re you?”

She got the uncomfortable sensation that she was being judged. The girl tossed her light blonde hair.

“Popular,” she said, “Popular Singer.”

She put too much emphasis on the “ar”s and “er”s. Silver decided that she didn’t like this Popular Singer girl much.

“So what’re you looking forward to most in Moonshell?” asked the girl.

Her eyeliner made her look like an owl.

 “I don’t really know,” said Silver, “well, I don’t know much about Moonshell anyway.”

The girl tossed her hair and laughed a fake, tinkling laugh. Seriously?

“Oh, right, you’re from Poptropica,” the way she said “Poptropica” made Silver want to punch her, “you wouldn’t know.”

“Why?” asked Silver.

Popular put a hand on her hip, “We’re ahead of you, of course. In time. Poptropica is still in… what? 2050?”

“2012,” said Silver.

Popular smirked, “Well, in my universe it’s 2167. We’re well aware of other universes by now. So we all know about Moondust. I really pity the Poptropicans. They’re going into this game knowing nothing.”

That was the last straw!

Silver stepped forward…

And a timer buzzed.

“Ooh, gotta fly,” giggled Popular, “we’re on stage now!”

And she burst through the door next to the vanity.

Fuming, Silver followed her, and was nearly blinded by the lights that shone a bright rainbow into her face. A crowd was roaring in pleasure. She squinted around and noticed a row of white hovering seats that were grouped in a semi circle around a rainbow colored spinning wheel. Lucky and a poptropican Silver didn’t know were standing on either side of it, flashing the crowd toothy grins and waving at each contestant that came onstage.

Silver quickly followed Popular to the white chairs and took the only spare seat. On her left sat a goth girl – who was wearing entirely black. To her right sat a poptropican in vibrant rainbow clothes. Silver shifted uncomfortably in her black dress; she had never been too fond of crowds.

Then suddenly Lucky was speaking, and the crowd was silent.

“Welcome! Welcome everybody, to this year’s… Moondust!”

Applause from the audience. Silver self consciously scratched a mosquito bite on her wrist.

“I’m Lucky Spinner, and this is Funny Comet!”

Here, Lucky handed the microphone to Funny, who grinned even wider than his fellow employee, “Hello Tropicans! Are you ready for some fun! It’s time to officially start Moondust! But first, we have the selection, of course!”

Silver could just imagine the exclamation marks at the end of each of Funny’s sentences.

The microphone was handed back to Lucky, “Thanks Funny! Well, to those who don’t know – whether this is their first year watching Moondust or whether you’ve just forgotten – Moondust is a reality TV show where these guys-”(here she gestured around at Silver and the others)”-Will compete to see which universe is best! Whoever comes up on top wins a large sum of money in the currency of their universe!”

Funny grabbed the microphone, “If I were a Poptropican, I’d be looking forward to those gold credits! And what about the Rocktropicans? Those gems look absolutely amazing!”

Lucky laughed and pulled the microphone from his grasp, “So, you guys will be competing in challenges that range from makeovers to marathons! And it all starts with the Selection, which decides what color you’ll be whilst playing Moondust! This color represents who you are – and will be your codename throughout the show. So – eleven days, eleven contestants – let Moondust begin!”

The loudest cheer of all. A single white rose was thrown onto the stage.

“Well, without further ado-“(Funny had the microphone again. How those two shared a microphone was a mystery to Silver)”-we’ll start with… Lone Dragon!”

A rosy cheeked, blonde haired girl made her way up to the wheel. Funny grinned at her and made a show of asking Lucky to do the honours. Lucky spun the rainbow wheel, and it eventually landed on…


The word yellow immediately flashed up onto a screen above the stage. The audience roared.

The Selection continued. Popular Singer got pink. A boy named Fearless Fire got red. A friendly looking girl, Brave Heart, ended up with blue – Silver’s favorite color.

Then it was Silver’s turn. She got up – shakily – and took her place beside Lucky.

“Sooooo… Silver Sky… you got…”

The wheel spun. Silver held her breath, wondering why she even cared what color she ended up with.


The stage was suddenly lit up with green from the lit-up word above. Silver smiled an artificial smile and sat back down, as the audience cheered.

Green was the color of envy.


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