Shark Tooth Island Guide

Hello ol’ mates, this is my, only mine, one and only Shark Tooth Guide.


Go right, and grab the shark fins, coconut and a little native grass skirt.

Now go to the Ancient Ruins. Watch out for for falling coconuts. Go right (or left, if you have come from Booga Bay) till you come over to a large square rock, Push it to the right (or left) Till you come over to a vine.

Climb the vine till yoe come across a log. Jump over it and jump to the other one. Now jump to the left and I mean BIG JUMP. Okay, now when you do this jump, you must have come over the top of this building and collect this paper.

Now go inside this building. Now when you enter you will find a moving ledge. Jump on it and when it come to the left, jump on the other ledge the closest. Now go down and you will find another ledge. I understand, this is pretty confusing. Now go down and I mean the water. Go to the left and stop swimming in the green waters till you come over this log floating in the water. Now jump to the ledge in the left. Now jump to the moving ledge. Jump to the ledge on top of that ledge and jump on the hanging ledge. In the right time, jump to the left and there is this thingy


Press these buttons from left to right which means OPEN, and click the triangle on top. A door will open and go through it.

Now go down a vine. Swim through the waters till you come over to this huge shark statue. Climb it but watch out for the Caterpillar.

undefined Now jump to the left and you will end up on a ledge. Go down and left till you come to the place with a few bones.

Now collect the circled bone. Go back and climb the Shark Statue and climb the dangling ledge on top. Jump to ledge on the left and then again jump to the ledge in the left. Now you will see a wall with spikes. Jump on it, but don’t fall through. Wait for a moving ledge to come to you and jump on it. When it come on the left, jump on the other side of the wall and go to the next zone.

Now go down the vine and go left.You will see this paintings and you will understand what to do. You go left and find this ingredient. Now climb the vine and go up and you will end up on Main Street. Go right till you see a vine. Wait! Wear your grass skirt.Now keep climbing it. Watch out for coconuts and go up. Keep climbing up.You will come up to a Medicine Man (MM) and give him the ingredients. He will make a medicine that will put the Booga into sleep and put it into a coconut. Now go to Booga Bay and then swim past the pool and you will see land. Go to a coconut throwing machine and throw the coconut. Don’t worry, it will be the medicine coconut.Yes! You put Booga to sleep! Now keep swimming right and come to land. You will see two people. Click on them and go back till you come back to the crying mother. The old man is actually Professor Hammerhead! And he Give you the reward! Congrats!




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