Reality TV Walkthrough

by Brave Eye

Go to the Island.

Enter Mike’s Market and come to the man who looks like this.

Click on him and he will say that the Reality TV Show starts in less than 24 hours! He’ll run off and leave behind the tabloid. Pick it up.

Now examine it. Go to next page and you’ll see something like this.

Click on the Application.

Also remember to read the magazine. It contains useful stuff.

Now we need a pen and address and stamp!

Go to the Way-Side Motel and enter the motel Office and collect the pens on the right side of the room.

Yay! Now we got pens! 1 down, 2 more to go!

Enter the TV World Store.

Now click on any TV and wait till the red text comes up. Its the address! Lets check our application.


The address, the pen, now the stamp.

Go to the Way-Side Motel and enter the Motel Office. Go to place where you got the pens and click on the phone nearby.

Type the following number: 555-7383

Its Papa Pete’s Pizza! Yay PIZZA!

And you NEED to tell them that you want it to be delivered at room 4B. Kay?

Go outside and you’ll see the driver.

undefinedThere’s MY pizza!

Talk to the deliver and you’ll find out she forgot the room no. You tell her and she delivers. No, you take it to room 4B.

You’ll enter and see… BULKY LUCAS? See what I did there? Bulky? Huh?

Talk to him and get the stamp. Yay, victory!

Now go to your items and click on the Stamp.

Now go outside and beside the TV World Store you’ll see a posting place. Click on it and congrats, you’re on the show!


See? Eyes closed? Huh?

You can talk to the other poptropicans and they are STUNNED! YAHOO!

Well, the island is NOT over…

There are a few games you have to complete…

Hang Glider

You have to be the last person to stay air bound. Doesn’t mean you have to stay in front. Watch out for the birds and volcanoes.

 Vote Off

This isn’t technically a game. But its an essential part. If you win, no one can vote you off.


But if you lose any challenge, you will be unable to vote the winner off. If you get the most votes, you will be out of this competition and you will have to do it again.

Turtle Shell Toss

Throw your shell at the turtle shell. The tie breaker seems very common in this game.

Water Run

Run across the screen and take water and fill it to your jug be the waterfall. Watch out for the boar.

Balanced Diet

One of the hardest games. Move your mouse around the white board and try to keep the dot in the middle.

Knock Out

Throw you puck at your opponents plate. The player with most of their plate left wins.

Shot Put

First try to click when the bar is in the middle, then when the bar is at its highest. Tie breaker is also possible here.


Click and drag to aim your puck.

Geyser Guess

Click on any hole. the best way is to press the hole that just shot out next. However this sometimes doesn’t work.

Coconut Catch

Catch the coconuts! Try to get pairs of three but watch out for the bombs!

Mountain Race

Try to get to the top of the mountain while avoiding the rocks. They can come from above or just going down,

Boulder Push

Click as quickly as you can. As fast as you click, the faster your rock moves.

On the Line

Be the first one to catch 5 fishies.

Totem Hop

jump on a totem. But don’t stand on a falling totem or you’ll fall down. As more times the game passes the more harder it gets.

Pole Climb

It’s a very easy game. If a coconut is falling on your line, move left or right.

These are all the games you have to complete. Good luck! If you won, that’s great! If you didn’t try again and again, till you win. My guide is finished here.


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