Counterfeit Island Guide

Counterfeit Island Guide

-Magic Star

Go to Counterfeit Island if you’re not already there and struggling to complete it. Go left to the Museum and talk to the black-haired woman outside. She will explain that she is the chief inspector for the police and is convinced that someone’s going to steal The Scream. You immediately ask if you can help but the woman asks you to leave it to the professionals.

So much for an adventure, huh?

Enter the museum and talk to the security guard inside. He’ll tell you that it doesn’t open for a little while. Great. Things aren’t going as quickly as they usually do you’d hoped. Use the windows to jump up onto the domed roof of the museum. Grab the piece of paper on the left of the flagpole. Go right and climb up onto the windows of the building to the right of the museum. There should be another piece of paper on the window to the right of the top middle balcony.

After you’ve got the second piece of paper, go left all the way to the City Docks. Smell the salty, fishy air and relax as you jump onto the mast of the boat in the water and collect another piece of paper. Now jump into the water and swim right until you reach a little sandy area. The fourth slip of paper should be lying on top of a rock.

Go left into the main street, then keep going right until you reach Downtown Counterfeit Island. Walk right until you see a couple of rubbish bins on the footpath. Being the curious poptropican that you are, you have no choice but to search them, huh? Click on the right bin and move rubbish aside until you find the tunnel tour tickets. Yay, you can go on a tour!

But being the selfless poptropican that you are, you decide to return them to their original owner. Well, that original owner will have to wait for now, huh? Go into Bobo’s Clown Shop and make sure you pick up a green balloon. Exit the shop, go right, and keep walking until you smell the fresh air as you hit the Country Side. Go right again and you’ll see a kid crying. Oh no! Give him the green balloon. Mistake of the century – the boy is lifted up into the air by the balloon! Oh no!

Go back into the Main Street and go into the Web Browser Internet Café. Click on the French – English dictionary to your left and you’ll collect a loose page. Well, my French is already very good after being forced to study under Miss –

Anyway, you’ll notice that the TV is on and a man is watching it. It’s all about the Balloon Boy! Wow. That was quick. The mom must have alerted the journalists and had an interview in about thirty seconds!

Give the tour tickets to the man and he’ll let you keep one! Go Downtown again and talk the Tour Guide. On the tour, simply go down the tunnels until you reach a collection of skulls. You’ll see a light bulb hanging down. Climb up it and you’ll see your prize – another piece of paper!

Jump down and keep going left. There’s no more to see here… or is there?

When you get out of the tunnels, you’ll see a man with a scar on his face standing to the right of the door. He tells you he knows that the scream is going to be stolen and you’re his “only hope”. According to him, you should apply for a job at the Museum and meet him back at the docks at nightfall. You, being the helpful poptropican that you are, agree.

Go back to museum and talk to the security guy again. He’ll tell you to speak with the Assistant Curator. Go up the left staircase and you will see a guy standing next to a door labelled “Forgery Detection Lab”. He’ll tell you the job’s yours if you find the four paintings in the wrong wings and place them in the correct wings.

The wrong paintings and their positions are:

The cat picture – cubism

The picture of the boats on the sunset – impressionism

The picture of the fiddler/violinist with the houses around him – expressionism

The picture of the three men and the dog – realism

Go back to the Assistant Curator and he’ll tell you that you’re hired and it’s time for your training. Step into the Forgery Detection Lab and talk to the Assistant Curator. Click on the one to your left – the forgery examination station.

X Ray Device: Test 1

The real painting is the one with the sketches behind it – Painting Four

Magnifying Glass: Test 2

Examine the signature (bottom right corner) of all the paintings. The fake is the middle one.

Photo Fake: Test 3

Click on the moon

Yay! That’s the first station done! Now go left for the Chemical Examination Station.

Paint Sample Chemical Test:

The green sample is green, pink, blue, pink

The orange sample is pink, green, blue, blue

The pink sample is blue, pink, blue, green

Remember, the key to this is timing. Once you remember the colors you’ll pass.

After you have passed the tests, the Assistant Curator will give you a pair of keys to the store room. Go right to the statue room and left through the statue room into the hallway. At the end of the hallway is the store room. Unlock it and pick up the piece of paper inside.

Well, by this time it’s getting dark and the Security Guard tells you to get some rest. After all, tomorrow’s going to be a big, big, big day! Little does he know you’ve still got an appointment.

Go back to the docks and go down to the tunnel entrance. You’ll see the scarred man standing there. He’ll tell you he has opened the gates for you but you’ll need to hurry – the thief is going to strike TONIGHT!

Go inside the tunnel and jump onto the broken statue to your right. Climb up the chain above it and continue until you see the bottom of a ladder. Climb up the ladder and click on the door with the engraving above.

It will be a picture of a dragon. Basically, just change the dragon’s features until it looks just like the one in the photo. The door will swing open. Go up and you’ll be inside the supply room.

Unlock the door and stop just before you go in front of the window to the security office. There will be a poptropican pacing back and forth inside. Wait until she disappears to the right of the window before quickly running down the hall.

Go into the statue room. Use the statues to dodge the lasers. This is pretty easy once you’ve got the timing right, although it may take a few tries. Exit the statue room, go right and you’ll see it. The Scream! Click on the painting and you’ll decide to hang over it and wait until the thief arrives.

Another mistake of the century.

You’ve been accused of stealing the scream! The scarred man framed you! Oh no!

The next morning at the police station, the inspector will unlock you and you’ll be questioned with a lie detector. The right questions are kind of obvious except for the last one: do you know the Black Widow?

Answer no, and you’ll pass the test. But what’s the Black Widow? Anyways, the Inspector will tell you that she was glad you passed the test and knew you would anyway. When you ask her why, she will tell you that someone else stole the Scream after you were arrested! You two will have a short conversation about the scarred man and the Inspector will ask you to meet her in the security office.

Go to the museum and you’ll notice the Security Guard isn’t there. Hmmm… where did he go? Go up the stairs to the statue room. If you care to check if the Inspector is right about the Scream, she is. There will be a blank spot where the painting is supposed to be. In the security office, the Inspector and the Security Guard girl will be waiting for you. Go to the computer at the end of the room and check the security footage from the night before. Unfortunately, there’s hours and hours of video and you have no idea which time to look at!

Maybe the Security Guard can help? Go into the supply room and back Downtown through the tunnel system. Go right into Bobo’s Clown Store. The Security Guard should be standing to your right.

After you ask him why the Poptropica he’s in a clown store, he’ll tell you the Scream was stolen and it was his fault! He left the room for a moment and the thief struck. After you interrogate him further, he’ll give you his time card. Exit the shop and go back to the security office via the tunnel system. Click on the computer again and watch the footage at the time the Security Guard was out. You’ll see none other than the Scarred Man stealing the painting!

Take a Screen Print and show it to the Inspector. She’ll tell you to show it to people in town. Go back Downtown and show the video to the Mimes. At once, they’ll start miming… musical instruments? Of course! The Jazz Café next to the Police Station! Go inside the Café and the waitress will tell you that there’s a suspicious looking guy next to the stage. Sure enough, it’s the scarred man. You’ll confront him over framing you. Bad move – he’ll make a dash for it.

At the back of the Jazz Café, there will be a door. Follow the scarred man out of it and into the street. But oh no! He’s getting away on a Scooter! A mini-game will follow. All you need to do is make sure you dodge the crates, oil spills, and manholes on the road.

Haha… I quite enjoyed this.

After a while, you’ll both go out onto the docks and the man will make a getaway via a boat. Oh no! Then you’ll notice something he dropped on the ground. A key card…?

Go back to the museum and the Assistant Curator will be inside the main painting hall. He’ll hand over a package for you with no return address. Except this is no ordinary package. It’s Van Gogh’s Starry Night!!! That can’t be real, can it?

The painting comes with an X-ray scanner-thingy. Scan the painting to reveal a hidden message underneath! Here’s what it says.


You’re being watched???!!! By who? Well, you have no choice but to go to Early Poptropica Island, huh?

Go to Early Poptropica Island and into the Pop Art museum to the left of your Blimp. Go left and you’ll see a woman standing next to “A Girl with a Watering Can” by Pierre Auguste Renoir. Talk to her. She’ll give you a key and tell you that someone you trust is watching you very closely. Spooky!

Go back to Counterfeit Island and talk to the guy standing next to the Paint Stall. He’ll tell you he recently sold a painting to the Inspector with no frame! Yeah. Really interesting.

Go right all the way to Country Side. Keep going right and you’ll notice a little cottage. With the sign “Inspector Veuve Noire”. Hang on. Doesn’t that mean-

Use the key the Curator gave you on the front door. It fits!

Go inside. On your first inspection, it will look like an ordinary house… or is it? Use the fireplace to jump up onto the second level. There will be a Happy Painting on the wall. Cool, huh? But hang on. That painting is peeled off at the corner…


But then the lights turn out…

*Somewhere deep in the earth*

You’ll be tied up in a chair, and opposite you stands a crazed lunatic. But hang on. She looks familiar…

But you thought she was a cop!

Anyways, the Black Widow knows you spoke to “that cursed Curator” and wants to know where all the art is hidden. You answer (truthfully) that you have no idea. She, being the typical villain that she is, doesn’t believe you. She leaves – but she’ll be back.

At this point, you’ll talk to your fellow captive – the scarred man. He’ll tell you that he’s been set up too. For years he’s been the Black Widows right hand man, but now she’s betrayed him. Now you have to work your way over to him and he’ll untie you.

Using you cursor, quickly move it to of the poptropican and then the left. Make sure you don’t do it too quickly, though, or you’ll fall! Moments later, you and the scarred man are untied and have decided to catch the Black Widow.

Go right and through the arch in the wall. You’ll end up in a big room full of the Black Widow’s guards.

Go left to the end of the room and jump up onto the crate near the wall. Jump up to the right, onto a ledge with a guard. Jump onto the boxes behind him and wait. Wait until the guard on the top right of the screen walks to the edge of the ledge and then back, before jumping up and following him. When he passes the lounge, quickly use it to jump up to the ledge on the left. Use the security key card to open the door and enter it.

You’ll be in the Black Widow’s private gallery with the scarred man. Yep, she’s stolen famous paintings for herself. Some people…

Go left until you’re in a big warehouse-y room. But the Black Widow is waiting for you on a ledge above!

The scarred man will run onto a platform with a handle. You will need to turn the handle, so that the platform will go up and the man will be able to catch the Black Widow.

The Black Widow will start throwing art down at you. Quickly catch them before they fall to the ground. Every four pieces you save, the Black Widow will get really angry and you’ll have a few seconds to turn the handle of the platform. But be careful, because after a moment she’ll throw a bomb at you. Try to avoid the bomb and get back to catching the art. But don’t let more than a million dollars break!

After a while, you’ll raise the platform enough for the scarred man to run over and catch the Black Widow.

Afterwards, you and the Curator will be at the Internet Café, where the Black Widow accessed her secret hideout. The Curator will ask you to meet her at the museum.

The Curator will be waiting for you in the Expressionism Wing. She’ll thank you and show you a secret – the real art is hidden behind the walls! The museum is the top-secret storage location!

Congratulations, you’ve finished Counterfeit Island!


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