Glitches and Cool Stuff


Emoticons and Random Stuff

Try the list of combinations on your PC and see what happens!

ctrl shift 1-laugh at someone

ctrl shift 2-cry

ctrl shift 3-explode with angry head

ctrl shift 4-jump up and laugh

ctrl shift p-get a pumpkin head

ctrl shift r-Change your character hairstyle, hair color, skin color and everything……even clothes

ctrl shift h-change hair color

ctrl shift s-change skin color

ctrl f12-little bar comes up where you can type but I don’t know if youpress enter others will hear you. Press ctrl f12 and the bar will go away.

How many of you can do this?


Its not that hard but not that easy. Click the customizer button and click on someone. Then keep clicking right or left or up or down but inside that box in which my mouse is in and before the inside part shows. At that time there will loading written. Isn’t it great.

Secret Member Item

Wow,you an only find it in Early Poptropica. Go to green building in Front of the Pigment stand and on fourth floor floor in one window there is a flower. Click on that window. To get Hypnotic.

Flowery Fun

You know that in the right there is a a statue. And the building around there are flower pots.Push them to the head of statue and push them outside. They must not and on the platform. Now watch them fall turned like that.

Flowery Fun 2

Wanna know how to get flower pots like that? Then do push them to other buildings through the clothes line and then go to the building closest to the statue and push it onto the statue and pushitto the platform and then the ground. It wont break. 🙂


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