Hello everyone, do you have a bunch of costume cards but don’t know how to put them together? Then you have come to the right place!



She's Adventure Girl

If you want to look like a girl of action and adventure, dress like

PS: This is my first this type of Photo 🙂
Use Vampire 3 front hair.
Use Vampire 1 back hair and belt.
Use Biker Lips, Jacket and Top.
Wear Cheerleader Skirt.
Hair must be Orange and Skin Caucasian.
For the Final Thing, That Hair dryer. I searched Internet for a friend find and I found a dummy from which you can customize the hairdryer and other cool stuff. Here is the Dummy Poptropican name is picprize.
Dare Devil: Orange
Use Popstar Bangs.
Use Mythological Surfers Zeus’s Braids and Glasses.
Use Biker Jacket and Tops.
Use Blue Jeans.
Katniss Everdeen version #1 (by Magic Star)
1: Put on the plait from the Mythology Surfer Girl
2: Put on the bow and arrows from the Robin Hood outfit
3: Costumise the shirt from the guy in 24 Carrot Island
4: Wear any kind of brown jacket
5: Get any kind of full lips (doesn’t matter what color)
6: Turn your hair dark brown

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