do you hate the afro guy?

then join the club. we will have meetings, debates and more.

here are the rules:

  1. when does the afro guy come? when the creators are too lazy to put up pictures of well dressed poptropicans. so that means wear clothes that suit you. do not be lazy. never miss meetings.

join the club.

Brave eye

Magic star

please comment if you want to be a part of this. Please include your poptropica account username. thank you for reading this. i hope you decide to become a part of the anti afro group.

chill. -brave eye



6 thoughts on “ANTI AFRO GROUP

  1. I do!!! You already know my pass… if you don’t tell me!
    When you guys see Afro Guy, is he Name Unknown or Undefined Undefined?
    I remember making a story about him, a couple of years ago, but it was such a fail.

    • Who knows your pass, MS? Not that I want to know.
      And MS, I usually don’t see Afro Guy in the Common Rooms, so I don’t really know his name…
      Do you want to join the ANTI AFRO GROUP?
      I once saw him, on the Barbie Pups. When I tried to create the dog, the AFRO GUY came. Evil.

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