What’s your favorite new Island this year?

We’re proud that Super Villain Island is our 30th Island. That’s quite a milestone! It’s also our seventh new Island this year alone.

That got us thinking… of the seven new Islands in 2012, which one has been your favorite? Vote in the poll on the righthand side of the page!

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About Comical Catfish

Hi, I am Faiyed Tawsif. I am from a Muslim family. I am a student of Scholastica. I am also one of the poptropicans . In Poptropica my name is Comical Catfish and my user name is Faiyed4. I am also the administrator of The Poptropican's Blog.

One thought on “What’s your favorite new Island this year?

  1. Does anyone here know how to get out of the Prison Exterior (the rocky place outside of Erehwon/Nowhere Prison?) . Please help: I need to take some pictures for my blog.
    – Magic
    PS: PopTransport doesn’t work, unfortunately 😦

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