Poptropica Super Power Island Walkthrough

Hey there, Poptropicans! The countdown has hit zero: Super Villain island is here! I  whether you’re a member or not, everyone is able to play a portion of the adventure. Luckily for you, if you’re stuck, we’ve already got full Poptropica Super Power Island Walkthrough.

In Poptropica Super Villain island, you’re required to use the dream machine in order to locate 4 totems. Be careful though, as a surprise awaits you at the end!
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About Comical Catfish

Hi, I am Faiyed Tawsif. I am from a Muslim family. I am a student of Scholastica. I am also one of the poptropicans . In Poptropica my name is Comical Catfish and my user name is Faiyed4. I am also the administrator of The Poptropican's Blog.

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