More villains than you can shake a stick at

For Super Villain Island, we brought back four of our most dangerous villains: Black Widow, Dr. Hare, Captain Crawfish, and Binary Bard. But there are some other classic Poptropica evildoers hanging around on the Island. Have you seen them? Do you know what Islands they’re from?

And is anyone missing?

Hmm. This might require a closer look. Become a Member today to play Super Villain Island!

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About Comical Catfish

Hi, I am Faiyed Tawsif. I am from a Muslim family. I am a student of Scholastica. I am also one of the poptropicans . In Poptropica my name is Comical Catfish and my user name is Faiyed4. I am also the administrator of The Poptropican's Blog.

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