The Snow Maiden and the Musical Mistals

This is a story.

Episode1- Snow

The two sisters, Lovely Singer and Popular Singer are twins who are fraternal and who love music.The Snow Maiden, Magical Snow is a beautiful girl who can control snow and has snow powers.

Magical Snow-waterbender3291 Lovely Singer- idonotcare3291 Beautiful Singer-watersupplyrox

It was a a musical night for LS and PS were singing on a hot summer day. Suddenly it started snowing. They both looked out and a fairy, or more specifically, a snow fairy. She came and knocked at the window and they both opened it. She introduced herself as the snow maiden, Magical Snow. She put some magic on their microphone and told them it was their wands. But by mistake some magic came on LS and said that she could fly without their wands. They both could fly and now with their mikes of musics they were,

THE Musical Mistals!!!

Magical Snow said that she needed two people as magic apprentices and when she found them singing in such a beautiful voice she was very impressed and gave them powers. She said that were chosen and they had to fight against evil. She said they were also beautiful and they were needed to protect the universe from the evil Dark Hands.


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