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Hi Everyone,

I am Brave Eye and this blog is about Poptropica. Its a really fun game. You can friend me on Poptropica. My username is watersupplyrox. I am looking for authors. And heres my Early Poptropica walkingthrough.

Take your blimp to Early Poptropica. Go right, unti you get to the well. Go down the well. Once under the well, you can slowly get yourself to the top left hand corner of the well. Jump on any ledges, and then climb the small rop to get to the spot. You will have to grab the glow stick.

Once you get the glow stick, go back up. You will need to slowly make yourself across all the well. Then, after you succeed with the well part, go to Early Poptropica’s Main Street. Once there, go down the sewer in the ground, which is located right where you land when you first get to Early Poptropica.Go all the way down, and avoid the very ugly spider. Grab the Prized Porker, which the Early Poptropica Settlers need.

From there, go left, into the dark passage. This next part is sort of a maze, so first go to the picture labeled Darkness Awaits.Go left until you get to the first rope. Climb it. Now, go right and ignore the first rope, and you will pass a sign that says Who’s Afraid Of  The Dark?

Continue going right, until you get to another rope. Climb that one. Now go left a little bit, and there should be another rope. Climb it. You should see some more writing that says Getting Warmer, but go left instead. Get the Golden Egg.

Go right now, past the Getting Warmer sign and go climb the rope. Go left and climb the first rope you see. Go left again, and there will be a rope going down. Just get through it, and wait for the rope past that. Now, after you have climbed it, go right, and you will find a rope that says Go up.

Go up, and you will arrive in the towers. Go find the blue one that says Rooftop Restaraunt. Go up, and then climb the vine. There will be an, um, giant with purple feet. Click on him. The egg will be given to him, and he will say:

Go past him, and make yourself past all the giant things, and get the water bucket. Go right. Use all the plane’s air as lifts and get the jetpack. You will appear wearing it. Now go left again, and use this exit.

To use it, go on top of the shovel, and go through it. Now exit. You will land on top of Early Poptropica’s Water Tower. The flag will be there.

Grab the flag, and go right, to the Early Poptropica settlers. Click on the settler in front of the fence. You will give him the prized porker. Now click on the guy in front of the well. You will gice him the Water Bucket. Go right a tiny bit an climb the rope. Click on that settler, and give him the flag. The flag will be raised, and a ship will dock. Talk to the Pptropican on the ship, and you will get your medallion, and your 50 credits! Congrats!

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go.

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